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Choose ten of your favorite characters from a cartoon/anime/other in random order WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE GOD DAMNED QUESTIONS FIRST and fill them out.

Hm. How about Yu-Gi-Oh.

1. Yami Bakura

2. Yami Marik

3. Pegasus

4. Akefia/Thief Bakura/Touzouko

5. Yami Yugi

6. Malik Ishtar

7. Seto Kaiba

8. Yugi Moutou

9. Joey Wheeler

10. Dartz


1) Which would you rather choose, (Malik)Six/Three(Pegasus) or Six/Ten(Dartz)?
Malik and Dartz. That is a good idea. Well so is Malik and Pegasus, but Malik with Dartz is a better idea. Now what can I do with Dartz and Pegasus?

2) Do you think (Seto)Seven/Two(Y. Marik) will ever happen?
I wish it had. Sadly (Or not so sadly?) Yami Marik is canonically dead. I think.

3) Have you ever read or written (Akefia)Four/Five(Y. Yugi)?
Yes. Well technically it was Atem and Akefia, but it's basically the same thing.

4) Nine(Joey) and One(Bakura) are getting married. How does Eight react?
Yugi gets pissed off because he wasn't invited into having a three way marriage with them.

5) Write a plot for a (Y. Marik)Two/Ten(Dartz) fic.
I can't. I've come across writer's block recently.

6) How would Nine(Joey) announce to Seven(Seto) he/she's pregnant, and what would Seven do/say?
Men don't get pregnant in my fiction.

Joey: Hey, Kaiba, I'm pregnant!
Seto: No, you're not. How the hell did you get into my office?
Joey: Yami gave me a key. Why'd you give him a key?
Seto: Get out of my office before I kick the crap out of you.

7) Does the pairing (Bakura)One/Two(Y. Marik) exist? How about (Pegasus)Three/Five(Yami Yugi)?
Bakura and Marik are paired together by fans pretty often. Yami Yugi and Pegasus however, I have never seen paired up. I want to see them paired up though.

8) Pretend you're writing a story with this plot: " (Yugi)Eight and (Y. Marik)Two are about to get married when suddenly (Pegasus)Three admits his feelings for Two. Two decides to leave Eight and gets married with Three. Eight, inconsolable, has an unhappy threesome with (Yami Bakura)One and (Malik)Six and in the end, finally realizes his true love is and has always been (Y. Yugi)Five." Would anyone read this?
I would. The ending would be incredibly sweet, and I would enjoy reading about Marik and Pegasus.

9) Is (Malik)Six/Seven(Seto) okay with you or do you wish to kill it with fire?
I love pairing Malik with Seto! I am definitely for this pairing.

10) (Akefia)Four takes (Y. Marik)Two out on a romantic dinner, and (Bakura)One comes and ruins it. Write about that.
Why would Akefia be taking Marik out to dinner? That just isn't like him. Bakura ruining any of their fun? No. He would probably just join them.

11) Who would (Seto)Seven rather get together with? (Dartz)Ten or (Pegasus)Three?
Seto would certainly prefer Dartz considering his history with Pegasus. I also would like to see him with Dartz, but would be equally amused if he got together with Pegasus.

12) Would (Joey)Nine and (Bakura)One make a good couple?
Canonically? Unlikely, but possible. That doesn't stop me from thinking about it though.

13) Listening to the song "You Belong With Me", write a story for a love triangle with (Dartz)Ten/(Y. Marik)Two/(Yugi)Eight.
No. I'll just say I get the feeling there is no love triangle here. There is only Marik's insatiable lust for both of them.

14) Is there such thing as (Malik)Six/(Bakura)One or does not compute?
That is my current favorite pairing. It's quite common actually which is to be expected considering how often they interacted when Malik was evil.

15) Would you read/write a (Malik)Six/(Pegasus)Three/(Dartz)Ten or is it such a bad idea that you want to kill me right now?
Come to think of it, that is a really good idea. Unfortunately I cannot write. I can think about it though.

16) Is (Y. Marik)Two/Nine(Joey) canon? If it's not, how would you feel if it was?
Sadly no, but if it was I would love Yu-Gi-Oh just a little bit more than I already do. That would be a fucking awesome canon pairing.

17) (Pegasus)Three finds (Akefia)Four lying on the ground, bleeding and unconscious. Write about that.

18) Everyone is against (Dartz)Ten/One(Bakura) and want every of its shippers to rot in hell. Y/N?
No. No one has ever even tried that pairing. I think.

19) (Joey)Nine walks in on (Yami Yugi)Five and (Pegasus)Three getting it on. What does he/she do? Write about that.
Oh that would be awesome. Not the Joey walking in bit though. I imagine he would just walk away, scarred for life.

20) Rant about the idea of (Malik)Six and (Joey)Nine getting together.
Oh that would be great! Almost any canon slash pairing would be great. As you can tell I like almost every Yu-Gi-Oh pairing in existence. At least in the slash category. I find the canon het pairings to be horribly dull. Tea needs to go away. Her only purpose is to be the object of Yugi's affection. Honestly, I'll never understand why any fictional character would like her. Even Mai is better than her. Ishizu is a better character than both of them, and she was only there for several episodes. She wasn't even paired off with anyone. Anyway, Joey and Malik eh? Yeah I'd like to see that. It would be amazing.


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